Friday, February 27, 2015

The Star

- Anonymous

I gaze through the lens, I thought you were a star.
Your love touches my eyes reaching me, 
touches life, outlining your presence in me.
Your warmth never burns, your hug glows inside me.
Your brightness, subtle, impressive a love that knows no distance.
You speak through my heart without even opening your lips.
We consummated our longing every time the world darkens.
You are humble enough to reach me beyond the expanse, 
telling me there is something rather than nothing.
I then realized that you saw me before or is it I that saw you?
Every night, our future meet from a time past.
I wonder if you are still there.

#star #prose #poem

* I forgot who own this piece, I think I have asked to publish it here since it was in my draft. Please made a comment if you own this poem. 

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