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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Cebu Tour ..

     February 2, 3 and 4, were our scheduled stay in one beach resort in Dalaguete Cebu. Don't want to mention the name of the resort for we were not satisfied with the accommodation and their services. Anyway, we were very excited to board on a plane since this would be the first time for my eldest and youngest, I got 4 kids and they were all with me during the trip. We arrived before 6am in Mactan Airport, from there we rode a taxi to take us to Dalaguete, a 2-hour ride from Mactan. Have seen in the map that we have been from end to end of the island. 
     With all the tiresome trip we were expecting a warm welcome from the resort staff..but one welcomes us, and we were even asked if we had made a reservation! To make the story short, they had given us a room. It's a big but old family room, with mirrored door but no curtains. Well, the beach is not as good and as clean as in Boracay, we prefer to swim at their pool. Our first night there was a sleepless one for I don't know I've been uneasy the whole night, maybe because my knee joint was aching or I don't feel secured with the place. I think the latter was the reason for I am not really at ease when in a strange and a far away place, unless there are many people around and hotel guards. It was raining hard that night and brown outs occurred .. creepy. Since this is not a hotel and far from the one we used to stay with in Boracay, I should not expect something special to happen. We were supposed to stay there 2 nights and 3 days but I decided to go back to the city the next morning and find some place to stay and where we could also swim. 
     From Dalaguete to Lapu-lapu City, we were lead to a five-star hotel, Imperial Palace Water Resort and Spa..whew for just an overnight ..don't want to remember that huge amount..geesh, it still aches my pocket. Anyway, I've given my kids their best time to enjoy and it's giving me happiness to see them with it. The breakfast eat all you can were superb with all the different oriental cuisine. We really have a good time since breakfast time is our favorite and the biggest... ('-')...Of course our swimming would not be complete with our Olympus underwater camera..check those shots
     I would say Cebu is like Manila in its structure, even when we were over the city on the plane you would thought from above you're still in Manila. Though we had a short time exploring the place, there are nice beaches around and its not that polluted compared to Manila. Travelling through out Dalaguete and Cebu City, you would still see the simplicity of life in some remote areas to those in the city. The Magellan's cross is not as big as what my son had thought before. By the way, we are very grateful to the driver who really gave us full service touring the city and fetched us from Mactan airport to Dalaguete to Lapu-lapu and to Mactan for our flight. Call me for his number if you want a driver who can be trusted..('-'). And remember, when you say Cebu, it's the island, and Cebu City is within that island as well as Lapu-lapu City.


Tears of Weeping

There are tears that tells the unexpected has happened, the things you have prayed for has been answered. Tears that says it's finally over and you're done with it. Tears that shows deep and seething pain, pain that cuts like a knife. Wounded soul, hovers throughout the day. The gloomy sky seems to understand its loneliness, an advent rain to come. No one could understand how painful it is. Weeping all through out the night, silent weep but turbulent cry. Tears of weeping no one could discern. Cry, cry, cry, weep and weep. In between sobs, it was about to ask why .. cry it all out .. weep as much .. the black clouds of the night has began to scatter as the rain falls wanting to let go all through the day.  In the dark corner, tears of weeping is heard .. it seems a bottomless pit .. does not end ..only calms like a turbulent sea that only Him can stop .. just like the tears of weeping only His arms can comfort...


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mercy...Not Sacrifice

     Reading the book of Matthews, I have come across one Jesus' statement that does have an impact to me as a Christian, "I desire mercy not sacrifice" (Matthews 9:13&12:7). Jesus said these words when He heard what the Pharisees had asked to His disciples on why He was eating with the tax collectors and sinners. On another occasion, the Pharisees condemn Jesus for allowing His disciples picked some grains on the field and eat them during the Sabbath. At first I thought, Jesus was talking about for people to show or feel the mercy on Him than giving their sacrifices. Upon researching, I thought I was wrong and also found out that somehow I maybe correct.
      In the context of what Jesus has stated, he said those words when the Pharisees had asked questions that might caught Him unaware (as for the Pharisees had thought). For that matter, Jesus answered that it is not the healthy who needs a doctor, it is the sick. Jesus told His people to go and find out what does it mean that He desires mercy and not sacrifice. Jesus also cited what David did when they were hungry, eating the consecrated bread which is unlawful for them to do and yet they are innocent. In a simple explanation, what I understood from the searches I have found, Jesus doesn't need our sacrifices if it isn't done in true devotion and faith and in  love. Our sacrifices meant nothing if we don't have love. It was like, we are working all day making sacrifices for our parents, or kids or siblings and yet we are just doing it because it is our responsibility and obligation to do so but we don't have love, all our sacrifices would be in vain. We will not be happy and contented doing all these things.
    Jesus said "I desire mercy not sacrifice" because he wanted His people to do what He has done, showing mercy for the sinners, for the lost soul, for the broken spirit. Forgiveness for those who offended us, not being judgmental to other people, being considerate, and being sensitive to the needs of our fellows are what Jesus desire for us to do. Jesus had offered His life so He could save the sinners, find the lost soul, heal the broken spirit. All these things Jesus had done because He loves us.  Following His example, Jesus desires for us to do His work, to make sacrifices out of love. I maybe true on what I had thought first, that Jesus needs to feel that we love Him than giving our sacrifices for Him. For if we do love Him, what we have done to other people, we have done it unto Him. Follow His example and our sacrifices will not be in vain.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Quality or Formality Education?...

     Education tells who you are..does it?..But what education tells us?.. a stable job? success? speaking and writing in languages other than our mother tongue? proficient communication? talking confidently? good stature? having a diploma? good manners? or rather, it's a learning?..unfortunately, that's a fact now..learning comes last followed by good manners when talking about education. But what is education really means? Education in its broadest sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of people lives on from one generation to the next. It occurs through any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts. Education in its narrow, technical sense, is the formal process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, customs and values from one generation to another, such as instruction in schools. In the latter sense, this is where the question of quality and formality emerges.
     Quality education leads and plays a major role to an excellent student education. An excellent education can be done through teaching methods and curriculum that works for the students as well as the country's present situation. In having  quality education, institution sets standards of achievement. Achievement test is being implemented in different level, from division to regional to national achievement test. Students undergone these tests to determine if they have attained the standards set for achievement, and these tests also acknowledge the kind of  educational system  where the students are enrolled in. In this manner, comes the question of formality education.
     Formality education or rather formality of education refers to the structure and system or process being implemented for the attainment of learning. The question lies on the attainment of learning and the process, being the process as a means and learning as an end. Due to the structure of certain schools and the government agency responsible for education, the means becomes an end. In order to follow the standards set for achievement and the system and the  process, the real goal was set aside in which we don't know  exactly who would benefit from it since learning of students as a goal was not really achieved. Teachers, Principals, Division Heads, Supervisors, etc, are busy implementing school rules and educational systems, and occupied with submission of different paper requirements and documents as well as beautifying the school's image. Every year, you can ask students if they have learned the required curriculum that they had just passed, I doubt if they have. 
     Quality or formality? the end or the means? it and know the difference, know it deeper and think how it is..look down and read...
     Though it seems right..let's take the job as a task. Learning is for a future task..Results are obtained when the former students start their new tasks...


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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