Sunday, September 30, 2018


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Rainy season's here, sickness all over,
The storm lurks within me in sadness.
Typhoon, flashing floods goes through the banks,
And I thought you came to ease my stress.
The weather seems joining me herein, 
Through the loneliness you've caused me.

'My Empress', as you are calling me,
You've asked me to claim you as my own,
You have even made me as your own.
Your words and your face lingers all day,
Your love seems to stay and never ends.

Sweet words that come out of your lips,
Where is it and all your promises?
You even said you'll never hurt me, 
But what you did paralyze my soul.
~ Copyright ©Emeli, September, 2018, - All Rights Reserved

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

If I Could ...

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Though the clock can turn its hand back and again,
yet the moment that passed stay as memories.
Though distance can be travelled through the sky,
the time it requires might not hold you for a second.
Though gravity made us fall into a deep abyss,
the space  occupied would be filled with empty matters
Though hands can hold ones dear,
the hearts that speak matters most. 

If I could turn back the ticking of the clock,
I would say things your heart wants to hear. 
If I could bind the time and distance of the earth,
I would take hold of your hand not to let go.
If I could fly high defying space and gravity,
I would cover you with my arms caressing you gently.
If I could hold your hearts to my hands,
I would say "I love you" for the rest of my life.

~ Copyright ©Emeli, June 2018, - All Rights Reserved

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Know My Heart By Heart

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God has gifted me.. 
Sweet smile.. 
Sparkling eyes,
Wit and generosity. 
Looks fragile..
yet unbreakable and it shines.
Know me by heart
and lifts me out of time.
These eyes can see,
what others can be.

Mesmerize by the beauty of nature
what others adamantly ignore.
Capturing this colorful band
by my eyes or my hands.

Amaze by the letters in pages,
what others find colorless.
Relishing the words
as a travelled man in thoughts.

Hark to the rhythm of the street
Voice to chant the melodies 
Sway to the beat of time
Know my heart,
and lift me out of time. 

~ Copyright ©Emeli, April/May 2018, - All Rights Reserved
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


When I have come into the light,
That I haven't known to notice. 
When I have gained my sight, 
That was the time save for genesis. 

Lights started as it lighted the room. 
Day after day, a tree grow so leafy and tall. 
Every single day, seeing its flowers to bloom,
Yet strong winds, wanted to bring its fall. 

In the passing of years, one by one its leaf kisses the ground.
The grandeur of its living follows the color of rust. 
Gradually, the shadow of its dance 
lost its grace. 
The light gets dim for not to see the weakening rest.
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Until the Master take out the light, but haven't known to notice.
I should have follow the light
that I would see.
Light He had given to follow His realm.

Copyright ©Emeli, February 27, 2018 - All Rights Reserved

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hearts Can Tell

The small thumping of that black leather shoes,
Halts the world for the seconds of my life.
The mere glance of your swaying shadow,
Pumps the heart out of my breast.
The inkling sound of your deep voice,
Echos a bell ringing through my ears.

The giggling smile of your wide red lips,
Refreshes my soul like no other can.
The stare from your deep-set blue eyes,
Leaves me standing still for a second.
The arms embracing all of me,
Cradles my soul, cuddles my heart.

The soft meeting of our lips,
Seeks the heart out of me,
Tells the heart, I am, You Are indeed.
Your heart, my heart, pounding like a drum amiss.
We cry, can't stop to let the moment of time.
Our hearts can tell, we dearly have each other.
Hearts can tell, we are on the way Riding the boat, towards what our hearts can feel.

Copyright ©Emeli, January 2017, - All Rights Reserved

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Unrequited Love

Eyes staring at, hearts thumping for,
Shows the menace of unspecial.
Create nuisance for one unheard,
Unrequited love it may seem ...

Keeping the sake for its one love,
Anything belongeth to thee.
Though it despiseth thee,
Unrequited love it may seem..

Hearts cried for secret it ruleth,
Can't be returneth unto thee,
Ne'er be requited  unto thee..
Yet in time, love might be it is.

Stareth for one more thing the pain,
Tragedy of unrequited,
Though boundeth by time and belief,
Forget or wait it requited.

Copyright ©Emeli, September 2016, - All Rights Reserved

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Never Come Back

I am alone
but I'm at peace.
I am crying,
so I can blew off the sadness.
I'm staring somewhere,
'coz I am thinking.
I am drifting
though I'm still on my feet.
I am sitting here,
seems like I'm waiting
yet I am not.
I am having the best of my time, 
until you came along ..
again ..
An unkempt existence
I do not want to be,
A poignant memories
I never wanted sight again..
You insinuated, 
I have tried,
but you cannot hold it together.
You let it pass,
So I say,
Never come back,
Never again.
Yours only hold the best for you.
So never come back,
never try seeking any of me,
I'll just look away ..
and you'll dread the day,
I do not sense any of it ..

Copyright ©Emeli, July 2016, - All Rights Reserved

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