Saturday, July 13, 2019

No Te Amo..

Estas son las palabras que se han dicho.
These are the words that has been said.
Esta es la última frase que recordaría.
This is the last phrase that I would remember.
¿Cómo pudo pasar? 
How could it happened? 
Como es posible..
How could that be..
Me cuidaste la primera vez 
y fue diferente.
You care for me the first and it was different
Me amas la última vez 
You love me the last time 
pero todo se ha ido ahora.
but it is all gone now.
¿Realmente me has cuidado?
Have you really cared for me?
¿Alguna vez me has amado?
Have you ever loved me?
¿Cómo puede un hombre decir lo
How can a man say 
 que no estaba en su corazón?
what was not in his heart?
¿Cómo puede un hombre hacer lo 
que no se pensaba?
How can a man do what was not thought upon?
¿Cómo puede un hombre despudar su alma
como si nada hubiera pasado?
 How can a man bare his soul 
 as if nothing happened?
¿Cómo puede uno no decirlo pero retrasado?
How can one not say it but delayed..
No te amo
I don't love you
~ €mpêråtrïzV
Copyright ©EmperatrizV @Sunflower for Emily, July 2019 - All Rights Reserved

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019


When you seem helpless..
 to voice out 
what you are going through..
Not even 
the nearest from you 
can hear..
You keep on fighting,
but you don't know,
not really sure..
until when..
You thought you could..
but the last time you checked, maybe 
you will or shall..
Now, understand this.. 
why Japanese did it?..
no one they thought
can save theirs.
We can't judge..
We can't tell,
what's going on..
until you have been 
into that sinking reality.
No one can tell..
the pain,
the somberness..
depression kills.
Unknowingly knowing
the fear of things
that you thought
you couldn't do.
You just have 
to keep in mind..
a few 
are relying on you..
You have to be rescued.. 
you shouldn't be alone..
Let those
that inspire you
 to live,
to go on,
be with you.
Fear the thought
of knowing..
you could do that..
halting your world.
Let your heart out..
isn't it the worse 
or worst thing?
 of the wonderful times..
Help me.. Let me go..

Copyright © Emily, April 2019 @ - All Rights Reserved

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

One I Would Not Have

Souls connected from afar
Hearts though aren't meant to be.
Out there in the wilderness,
An affair of body, soul, and mind.
In time for each adulation
But one never gets indulge.

Whims of desire entrapped both.
Amiable as it ended,
Neither one has perfected.
Indeed distance bestowed absence.

Entrapped by the appreciation accorded.
Main tum say payar karti hun,
Is not a regret to be spoken of.
Love has created a wonderful experience,
Yet, One I would never have.

Copyright © Emily, April 2019 @ - All Rights Reserved

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Walk in Paradise

📷image credits to Shutterstock
Loneliness lurked inside of me,
Yet you came to share the seashore.
The world only our eyes can see,
Enchanted by the earth's decor.

Walking through the glistening sand,
We let the warm, soft breeze touch our skin.
The floral yellow dress sways 
on its hem
And the warm breeze swirls 
both our hairs.

Mesmerizing the happiness the nature brings,
Hand to arms, eyes to words.
Sweet words that has been spoken, Resonates a wider smile on our lips.

Shadows begin to soften, and 
little by little it has gone.
Looking up, the sky in orange lit 
hides the sun.
Fogs and cold blows 
shivers the body
There the hut stands 
inviting us to come.

On its porch, a look at the sky 
The sun peeks through 
the orange clouds.
Amazed by the colors it brought
to the sky 
And how it leaves a gentle but 
shady marks.

As the sky darkens, another light came into the sky.
Lying inside, the moon gives 
a bright shine.
It creates the mood to fill 
the hollow emptiness
It brings the soul to embrace 
the forlorn beauty.

Little by little the soul in us escape its reality.
Putting into trance every bits of the body.
Touching the complexity of the untold,
Breathe every desires for stories unfold.
~ Copyright ©Emeli, February 2019, 
                                               - All Rights Reserved
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Friday, December 21, 2018

Noble Distance

Noble and honourable
A name one should stand for.
Be the man of perfection,
In the midst of chaos.
Let them know what you are.

Now that you had come into existence,
Amor, je t'aime, whatever the language were.
Beautiful life as how one describes,
I wonder if that heart seriously set,
Love as what had been professed.

No distance should have break into it,
App was both we got to let two of us near,
But busyness might take its toll for it.
In your mind, I've wondered if I crossed there somewhere.
Let the love blooms as far as it is..

~ Copyright ©Emeli, May 2018, - 
All Rights Reserved

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