Saturday, September 17, 2016

Unrequited Love

Eyes staring at, hearts thumping for,
Shows the menace of unspecial.
Create nuisance for one unheard,
Unrequited love it may seem ...

Keeping the sake for it's one love,
Anything belongeth to thee.
Though it despiseth thee,
Unrequited love it may seem..

Hearts cried for secret it ruleth,
Can't be returneth unto thee,
Ne'er be requited  unto thee..
Yet in time, love might be it is.

Stareth for one more thing the pain,
Tragedy of unrequited,
Though boundeth by time and belief,
Forget or wait it requited.

Copyright ©Emeli, September 2016, - All Rights Reserved

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Never Come Back

I am alone
but I'm at peace.
I am crying,
so I can blew off the sadness.
I'm staring somewhere,
'coz I am thinking.
I am drifting
though I'm still on my feet.
I am sitting here,
seems like I'm waiting
yet I am not.
I am having the best of my time, 
until you came along ..
again ..
An unkempt existence
I do not want to be,
A poignant memories
I never wanted sight again..
You insinuated, 
I have tried,
but you cannot hold it together.
You let it pass,
So I say,
Never come back,
Never again.
Yours only hold the best for you.
So never come back,
never try seeking any of me,
I'll just look away ..
and you'll dread the day,
I do not sense any of it ..

Copyright ©Emeli, July 2016, - All Rights Reserved

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Each ..We Would Never Have

We have met..
We fell..
We loved..
We shared..
We have drifted apart..
One love
we should never have..
One moment
we should never shared.
Time isn't only against us,
but love itself.
It seems right, 
but wrong in its sense.
Time goes..
And you're here again..
Time flies..
Yet it is still the same..
Memories coming back, 
Pains wanting recall..
We have met..
We miss each other..
We love..
We kissed..
We held each other..
I cried..
We know..
We would say..
our final goodbyes..
You can say..
You would never hear..
the lips of an angel
This one love..
We could never have..
Someday, Somewhere..
May it never happened again,
May it be given a chance..
To love..
Each ..That we would never have.

Copyright ©Emeli, July 2016, - All Rights Reserved

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Father He Is...

He is the foundation of every home,
Giving the home its epitome.
Holding each wall that represent its home,
To protect and to guide its clone.

He is the strength of its wall,
For without him it could crumple.
Battling the storms destructing what he builds,
He should stay strong for the trust that its wall clings.

Whatever it may, the foundation would stay,
Though walls might cracked and leave its grip.
The foundation would lay its way,
To gather once again, the wall that was stripped.

Copyright © Emeli, June 2011 - All Rights Reserved

HAPPY FATHERS' DAY to my Tatay...
and to all Tatays, Papas, Daddies, and Papis in the world..(",)

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

When The Clock Strikes 12

When  Cinderella almost didn't make it to the ball..
it was the time I die when you left.
When the fairy godmother came
 in the nick of time to save the day..
that's when God lifted me up to save the house.
When Prince Charming asked her to dance
to let the crowd know whom he had chosen..
there is that one who has helped me carry
through the darkest night.
When the clock strikes 12 and it was time
for Cinderella to leave..
The time has come for me to go
and leave from your sight.

Copyright © Emeli, May 2016 - All Rights Reserved

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