Monday, May 6, 2013

In This Life Without YOU..

© May 2013 by Happy Mark

My love, in this life without you
I am lost...
I remember you as if it was only yesterday.
The way the morning sun danced in your hair
as your smile and sweet good morning kisses wake my world.
In this life I have been searching,
But cannot seem to find you.
Where are you my love?
Was it all just a dream?
It feels so real and I see it so clear.
It must be. My heart is yours.
I remember you perhaps from the heavens or another life.
I promised you then, I would find you ..
so I will search the world over..
Until once again ..
your sweet morning kisses
wake me from this slumber..
we call loneliness...

Copyright © Happy Mark, May 2013 - All Rights Reserved

#poem #prose #lifewithoutyou #letter

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