Saturday, April 27, 2013

Love Lost


From that day when you left me,
my whole world fell apart..
my heart has broken into pieces..
and yet you were never satisfied..
never expected that you will step into it..

You've asked me what was wrong,,
but I refused to answer what is inside of me..
I just said,"NOTHING SERIOUS"..
but when you turned your back on me,
I just whispered "EVERYTHING"..

A broken heart never really heals..
it was just kept in the deepest part of your life..
it was too funny to say that you've broken my heart,,
but still..

The spaces between your fingers should be filled with mine..
but now it is filled with hers.
I never thought that the person whom  I've loved so much,,
cause me so much pain..

I've tried to forget you..
but no matter how I've tried,
I just can't let go of you..
I just wish that dreams and wishes do come true..
because in my dreams you were always there...
just like living in a fantasy,,
but when reality weren''t there..

I've tried so hard to pretend that everything in me is doing alright..
but when I am all alone..the pain..the agony..
it's just like a wound that heals but the scar remains..
I've tried to cover it with a fake smile,,
and act as if it's not hurting me..
now I feel like I wanna hate the word "LOVE and GOODBYE"

I've foolishly held on tightly for our love..
even though I know I'm no longer the person in your heart..
a lot of my friends say that I should let go of you..
of all the things that connected us in our past,
I just smiled at them and silently cried..
you've torn my whole world apart and you don't even knew it..
you were  the one who set it up,,
now you're the one who wants to stop it..
it's so hard to accept that everything between us is over..
you're the only person whom I cared for..
but you left me with a broken heart..
you've once made me feel like I'm on the top of the world..
but now I am nothing but a living corpse..

Everything I've learned in breaking up..I learned it from you..
everything ends like how it begins..
love is like a heaven but it can be as hell when breaking up is already there...
and the pain strikes your heart..
moving on is the hardest thing to do,especially when your heart wants to keep holding on..

And now I'm living on my own world..
pretending it was nothing..
I've tried to reach for something,,
something that will make me a new one..
though it was unreachable...
I go to a place where I can shout and scream out all the pain inside my heart..
but after that, I just kneel down and cry...
I have written your name on the sand,
but the sea washed it away..
just like how your love had been gone..
maybe I just need to write your name in my heart..
so that it can stay forever..
cause I know that my heart will always be yours..
now I know what true love really means..
once you love someone so true..
the person stays as part of you.. forever...

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