Sunday, December 28, 2014


© 2014  by  Emeli

Flowers bloom in spring, snow falls in winter...
Is it possible that two different ideas would connect? 
Blooming flowers in a cold winter snow...
How ironic these two seasons would meet..
Will the winter snow protect the blooms in spring?
Will the snow save and preserve its blooms, 
or the snow will crush and ruin it?..

One born in spring, another birthed out in winter
Is it possible that two different generations would meet, 
and forego their dreams together?
Decades apart we could never say..
Differences in style and ideas could make or unmake them.

The warm breeze of spring could melt the winter snow,
and yet the freezing air of winter could preserve the blooms of spring.
Somehow one could never prejudged what would really transpire,
for only humility, submissiveness and sacrifice of each one,
could make it work, though perils and trials are way ahead.

Copyright © Emeli, December 2014 - All Rights Reserved

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