Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Woman In The Mirror

©2007 Jan Brooks

The woman in the mirror
I always see a smiling face
No matter what life dishes out
She still has poise and grace.

So many troubles
Life has been all wrong
The woman in the mirror
Still sings a happy song.

The woman in the mirror
No one sees her grief
She learned to hide it well
Though she knows no relief.

Sometimes sadness overrules
And she wants to let go
And the journeys of life
Are often too much to know.

She finds the strength somehow
To carry the heavy load
Two steps further forward
Along the endless rocky road.

The woman in the mirror
Her beliefs have made her strong
Knowing there is happiness
That will someday, to her belong...

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*A shared photo and a message that captured my senses. Reading this poem.. it  pulls on the inner emotions of the poet  for a woman. I have this feeling that the poet's subject is the woman herself. I may be wrong ..or he/she had been a witness to another woman's experience..somehow, the poem also reflects me...

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