Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fogs Everywhere

© January 2016  by  Emeli
Keep your eyes awake,
For the fogs is everywhere,
Engulfs who passed by.

~~~~~ oOo~~~~~

Can't see what's ahead
Fogs cover the entire road
The walk to future.   

  Copyright © Emeli, January 2016 - All Rights Reserved
     Late afternoon at the bus from a mountain view. From Baguio City going back to Manila,
how I can see the thickening fogs on the road,
thinking one who drives should be an experienced and skilled one for this road. Someone who is also careful enough to distinguish the fogs from the road from space. Any mistakes could lead him and his passengers
in a mishap since it is still on top of a mountain road.

#haiku #fogs #Baguio #mountain

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