Saturday, March 26, 2016

What Am I ..Becoming ..

I once had a beautiful mind,
that I had thought I can fill somebody's gap.
I once had a sensitive heart, 
that I had inspired and motivated someone's craft.
I had the freedom to play under the sun,
unmindful of the rains whenever it comes.
One sudden gush of wind ..
it came from nowhere .
the once bright and joyful laughter,
swallowed through the dark..
never to see it again?
What am I becoming .. the voice within asked.
The mind that fills,
now sorting things out
to a scheme that she was not.
What am I becoming .. the voice keeps ringing,
the heart that moves, 
today, frightening the scare out of your door.
I become one's nightmare
entering the dreams 
of what once I thought I would not become.
Drag anyone close to my face,
let it consume or be with me.
Find the happiness at night time,
afraid and hiding when the dawn breaks in
Wanted to lay eyes on the bright morning sun
yet it would only forecast my doom.

 ~ Copyright © Emeli, March 2016 - All Rights Reserved

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