Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Far Away

I am looking at you, but you didn't notice.
I am talking to you, but you're not listening.
I am touching your face, but you're fast asleep
I am holding your hands, but you take it away
I am trying to make you laugh, but you just frown at me
I am kissing you, but your thoughts are far away from here.

The stare you had more than set on me
 .. is no longer there.
The eagerness you had more than shared with me when we talk
 .. is now lost on air.
The attention you had more than given me even when you're about to fall asleep
 .. is nowhere to find.
The touch you had more than lovingly returned nothing but an ice cold treatment.
The smile you had more than shown me now a complete sarcasm.
The love you have so confidently expressed whilst will not change now a dire insult to my womanhood and sanity.

The times you have never fill in the tank,
you never let me do too.
The times we fight, we have never talked it out.
You're far away now
 ..and I'm becoming for what it causes.
Time flies..
 I, too would be so far away from your sight.

Copyright © Emeli, March 2016 - All Rights Reserved

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