Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thankful For The Day

"How precious is that moment,
walking freely through the meadows.
How golden is that time,
sniffing aromas around the bushes.
How blissful is that day,
opening my eyes for these wonderful creations.

For every moment that I could stand,
I would cherish.
For every minute that I could breath,
I would be joyful.
For every single day that I could wake up,
it would be a relief,
that YOU have given me another day 
with those so dear to me.."

Copyright © Emeli, May 2016 - All Rights Reserved

#precioustime #thankful #anotherday #every

**I was able to compose this poem
 when I had been able to get up
 and feel no more the throbbing pain for days..

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