Saturday, July 9, 2016

Each ..We Would Never Have

We have met..
We fell..
We loved..
We shared..
We have drifted apart..
One love
we should never have..
One moment
we should never shared.
Time isn't only against us,
but love itself.
It seems right, 
but wrong in its sense.
Time goes..
And you're here again..
Time flies..
Yet it is still the same..
Memories coming back, 
Pains wanting recall..
We have met..
We miss each other..
We love..
We kissed..
We held each other..
I cried..
We know..
We would say..
our final goodbyes..
You can say..
You would never hear..
the lips of an angel
This one love..
We could never have..
Someday, Somewhere..
May it never happened again,
May it be given a chance..
To love..
Each ..That we would never have.

Copyright ©Emeli, July 2016, - All Rights Reserved

#love #prose/poem #each #neverhave #wehave #time 

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