Friday, May 11, 2018

Know My Heart By Heart

image credit to the movie, Mortal Instruments
God has gifted me.. 
Sweet smile.. 
Sparkling eyes,
Wit and generosity. 
Looks fragile..
yet unbreakable and it shines.
Know me by heart
and lifts me out of time.
These eyes can see,
what others can be.

Mesmerize by the beauty of nature
what others adamantly ignore.
Capturing this colorful band
by my eyes or my hands.

Amaze by the letters in pages,
what others find colorless.
Relishing the words
as a travelled man in thoughts.

Hark to the rhythm of the street
Voice to chant the melodies 
Sway to the beat of time
Know my heart,
and lift me out of time. 

~ Copyright ©Emeli, April/May 2018, - All Rights Reserved
#poem #heart #poetry

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