Saturday, July 7, 2018

If I Could ...

image credit to insuredcarver
Though the clock can turn its hand back and again,
yet the moment that passed stay as memories.
Though distance can be travelled through the sky,
the time it requires might not hold you for a second.
Though gravity made us fall into a deep abyss,
the space  occupied would be filled with empty matters
Though hands can hold ones dear,
the hearts that speak matters most. 

If I could turn back the ticking of the clock,
I would say things your heart wants to hear. 
If I could bind the time and distance of the earth,
I would take hold of your hand not to let go.
If I could fly high defying space and gravity,
I would cover you with my arms caressing you gently.
If I could hold your hearts to my hands,
I would say "I love you" for the rest of my life.

~ Copyright ©Emeli, June 2018, - All Rights Reserved

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