Tuesday, February 27, 2018


When I have come into the light,
That I haven't known to notice. 
When I have gained my sight, 
That was the time save for genesis. 

Lights started as it lighted the room. 
Day after day, a tree grow so leafy and tall. 
Every single day, seeing its flowers to bloom,
Yet strong winds, wanted to bring its fall. 

In the passing of years, one by one its leaf kisses the ground.
The grandeur of its living follows the color of rust. 
Gradually, the shadow of its dance 
lost its grace. 
The light gets dim for not to see the weakening rest.
image credit from hfwlministry.com
Until the Master take out the light, but haven't known to notice.
I should have follow the light
that I would see.
Light He had given to follow His realm.

Copyright ©Emeli, February 27, 2018 @sunflower-for-emily.blogspot.com - All Rights Reserved

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