Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Poem for my Love

 © 2011  by  Jeremy Alba

Starin' At The Moon So Blue ..
Gazing At The Stars , I Feel You !
Just Wondering If there's A Clue ?
When You Smile At Me Like The
Same I Do .

Even If I'm NOt  Perfect !
I'll Try My Best Be Full Of Respect ,
I'll Promise To Share My Life With You ..
Waiting For Long Until You Love Me Too .

Your Face Makes My Mind into Destruction
Your Smile Makes My Life into Perfection .
The Squint Of Your Eyes Saying ,
I'm Your Perfect Combination .

In All My Day And All My Night
I'm Admiring You With All My Heart ,
Hoping You And I Will Fall Apart
And You Become The Meaning
Of My Life .

Copyright © Jeremy Alba, January 2011 - All Rights Reserved

#poem #love #bluemoon

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