Saturday, April 2, 2016

D e s i r e e

The name of the one desired,
A heart that of a sweet child.
A mind of a simple lass,
A dreamer of her own truss.

With her extravagant smile,
To welcome you from a mile
A refreshing scene to see,
Jolly companion to be.

Trials and sufferings abound,
Her faith had made it all bound.
All of it she would lose sight, 
But never her friends all night.

#poem #Desiree #joy


The moment I lay my eyes on you,
the face of a sad angel,
Thinking out loud but never said anything.
"This girl looks like my daughter," so I thought..
I have noticed, have asked, and found...
yes, it's true..
The reason for those sad eyes..
yet, talking to you..
I could see..
I have seen the beauty of your heart, 
the kindness of your soul..
'till it uncovers the refreshing smile,
and it never left my memory..
until we meet and see each other again.
From then on, you've been like a daughter to me.

#prose #daughter

Copyright © Emeli, April 2016 - All Rights Reserved

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