Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hearts Can Tell

The small thumping of that black leather shoes,
Halts the world for the seconds of my life.
The mere glance of your swaying shadow,
Pumps the heart out of my breast.
The inkling sound of your deep voice,
Echos a bell ringing through my ears.

The giggling smile of your wide red lips,
Refreshes my soul like no other can.
The stare from your deep-set blue eyes,
Leaves me standing still for a second.
The arms embracing all of me,
Cradles my soul, cuddles my heart.

The soft meeting of our lips,
Seeks the heart out of me,
Tells the heart, I am, You Are indeed.
Your heart, my heart, pounding like a drum amiss.
We cry, can't stop to let the moment of time.
Our hearts can tell, we dearly have each other.
Hearts can tell, we are on the way Riding the boat, towards what our hearts can feel.

Copyright ©Emeli, January 2017, @sunflower-for-emily.blogspot.com - All Rights Reserved

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