Sunday, September 30, 2018


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Rainy season's here, 
                                   sickness all over,
The storm lurks within me 
                                     in real sadness.
Typhoon, flashing floods 
                     goes through the banks.
And I thought you came 
                                 to ease my stress.
The weather seems 
                               joining me herein, 
Through the loneliness 
                          you have caused me.

'My Empress', 
                        as you are calling me,
You've asked me 
                   to claim you as my own,
You have even made me
                                      as your own.
Your words and your face 
                                   lingers all day,
Your love seems to stay 
                                and never ends.

Sweet words 
               that came out of your lips,
Where is it 
                    and all your promises?
You even said 
                               never to hurt me, 
But what you did
                            paralyzes my soul.

~ Copyright ©Emeli, September, 2018, - All Rights Reserved

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